How to Update Garmin GPS ?

To update your Garmin GPS device, you have to set up the Garmin Express application in your system.  With the support of this program, you can register your product, sync with Garmin Connect, install the most recent map update and update Garmin devices.  Additionally, the program provides you notifications when new update are available and appropriate guidelines to put in them.  So to set up the update onto your Garmin device, follow the specified guide

* Download and Install Garmin Express      

  1. Begin the procedure by opening an internet browser i.e Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.
  2. Then, go to and click on Download for Windows or Download for Mac tab according to your operating system.  
  3. Now the file will start downloading. Once it is completed, double-click the file and choose Run. Once the setup window appears, read all of the terms and conditions of the License Agreement then click the Install button. Wait till the software gets installed. 

* Add your Device To Garmin Express

  1.  Next, it will show you the Add Device window. Click on Insert an Apparatus icon given there. 
  2. Then, you must link your GPS device for your computer. Use a proper USB cable and plug the 1 end of the cable to the GPS device and another end to your computer. 
  3. Currently, the program will start looking for your apparatus. When the Device Found window appears, click on the Insert Device button which is located below your product name. However, if you're unable to locate your device, click on the Search Again link. 
  4. To install all of the upgrades, you need to sign in to a Garmin account. So, input your email address and password associated with your Garmin account.  Then, click Sign In. 
  5. But if you haven't created an account before, click on the Create an Account tab. Then, follow the directions displayed on your screen because of creation and sign in. 
  6. If your merchandise is not enrolled with Garmin Express, it will show you the Product Registration window. To register your product, then provide your email address into the given field and then click the following button. 
  7. In another window, enter your apparatus nickname and then click Next. 
  8. Then, read all the terms of the Privacy Statement by clicking on its link. To proceed further, you need to accept the terms. Therefore, choose the"Yes" checkbox offered there and then click on the Finish button. 
  9. Now, the setup of your Garmin device is finished. 

Software, Gps and Map Update

  1. Currently, the program will begin checking for upgrades. 
  2. Following the hunting process is finished, Garmin Express will show the available upgrades. 
  3. To look at the listing of available upgrades, you have to click "View information". 
  4. Currently, it is going to reveal a listing of all of the map and software updates. It's possible to put in any update with only one click. Thus, pick the upgrades that you want to install in the list. Subsequently, click the Install button situated alongside your chosen upgrade.  Read all of its terms and conditions completely.  Hence, click the Accept button that's situated in the bottom-right corner of this window.  Thus, you have to await its completion. 
  5. While the upgrades are installing, be certain you don't unplug your device or turn your system off. Otherwise, it is going to cancel the setup procedure. 
  6. Additionally, Garmin Express will install the software upgrades. After all of the software upgrades are installed, then it is going to begin installing the map upgrades. 
  7. When the setup of all of the map and software updates is completed, it is going to demonstrate the Upgrades Entire window. Now, to see your installed upgrades, click the Check for Upgrades tab.